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Southeast Alaska's fishing fleet is over-harvesting vitally important B.C. salmon and steelhead—many from populations that are in trouble. In 2023, Alaskan fishers took over 3 million B.C. salmon, undermining our efforts to protect and rebuild our endangered fish stocks. 

The solution is to renegotiate the out-of-date Pacific Salmon Treaty. However, that requires Canadian politicians to stand up for our salmon and the communities that depend upon them. Since salmon contribute immeasurably to our society and are the backbone of B.C.'s ecosystems, this shouldn't be hard.

Unlike salmon fisheries in B.C., Alaskan fishers aren’t required to report their by-catch or release fish alive. This allows them to hide the true impact their fisheries are having on endangered B.C. Chinook and steelhead.

Senior Canadian leaders manage our relationship with the Americans. Our Fisheries Minister sets the tone at the Treaty Table. Alaskan politicians are standing up for their fishing communities. It's time our politicians stood up for us. Send your letter today.