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Do we know precisely how many Canadian salmon and steelhead are caught?


Catch monitoring is non-existent or inadequate in many fisheries in southeast Alaskan. Each fishery is sampled in a different manner, and estimates are made using different methods for different species. For some areas, fisheries and species, (e.g. Skeena, Nass and Fraser sockeye in seine fisheries, and Chinook in troll and recreational fisheries), we have relatively good information. For coho, pink, chum and steelhead we have little to no information of Alaskan interception impacts.

Further, what little information we do have is out of date. Catch estimates for pink and chum in many seine fisheries in Alaska are based on migration patterns determined  through studies now nearly 40 years old and likely no longer valid due to global warming-caused changes to ocean temperature patterns and food webs.

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