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How many Canadian salmon and steelhead are killed in Alaskan interception fisheries?


In 2021, over 700,000 sockeye salmon were caught in southeast Alaskan interception fisheries, the majority coming from Canadian streams.

Nearly 28 million pink salmon were caught in these same fisheries in Alaska, with an unknown proportion being of Canadian origin. 

Over 1.1 million chum salmon were also caught in interception fisheries, and while many of these were produced in Alaskan hatcheries, the catch also caught a significant number of North Coast and Central chum salmon from populations of conservation concern. 

Over 200,000 chinook were harvested, the vast majority from B.C. and Washington, and more than half of the entire run of Skeena steelhead was killed before it reached the river.

The story was the same in 2022 (2.1 million) and in 2023 when 3.3 million Canadian salmon were killed*

*These totals don't include thousands more Chinook and steelhead caught in seine fisheries when retention is prohibited, and thrown back dead, or salmon returning to transboundary rivers like the Yukon and Stikine.


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